Taxicab Accident Attorney

How To Obtain Compensation As a Taxicab Accident Victim

When you hail a cab, the last thing you think about is getting into an accident during the ride to your destination. Taxicab accidents are unfortunately very common, especially in metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. If you or a loved one has gotten into an accident while riding in a taxi, you may be wondering who is responsible for your injuries? Who will...

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5 Different Types of Car Accidents

Getting into any type of car accident can be frustrating. Whether it was your fault or the fault of a random driver, your vehicle has been damaged and you will have to go through the tedious insurance process to get it fixed. If you suffered injuries, the accident can become even more wearisome as you will now have to deal with the pain, having to go to doctor’s appointments,...

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Los Angeles: The Pedestrian Death Capital

Everyone is always talking about the benefits of walking. Walk to work, instead of driving. Walk to the grocery store, instead of taking the bus. Get exercise while you run your errands. Although this sounds like good advice, Angelenos need to be wary of walking as pedestrians, even on sidewalks. According to an article in LA Weekly, Los Angeles is the second best place in America to get killed...

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Another Case of Police Misconduct: San Bernardino Deputies Beating Man Fleeing On Horse

Policy misconduct and police brutality has recently been the focus of many news reporters across the country. Abuse of police power is a serious matter that may not only affect the victim and their family, but the country as a whole. Without the rule of law, the values that the police seek to serve and protect the public are meaningless. Put in simple terms, police brutality and misconduct has...

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How a Lawyer Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident

Sustaining an injury during a motorcycle crash can be a stressful experience for the victims and their loved ones. Fatalities are common, as are permanent and debilitating injuries. Motorcycles are inherently dangerous, and the costs of any related injuries sustained in an accident can be high. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention. However, seeking legal...

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Belgian Shepherd biting a body bite suit against white background

Who is Responsible for My Dog Bite Injuries?

Most people love dogs, but every now and then a dog bite can seriously injure someone. Medical bills, emotional trauma, and disability can all be the result of a damaging dog attack. Finding the responsible party is important and can lead to financial compensation for dog bite victims. The question that most dog bite victims often have after an incident is who is responsible for their injuries? The short...

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Common Mistakes People Make In Personal Injury Cases

Navigating the murky waters that make up the legal system can be quite the challenge, especially for people with little legal experience or knowledge. As a result, many personal injury claims are fraught with errors and mistakes that ultimately may cost the victim money or result in a reduced settlement amount. Following the proper legal protocol is necessary during any lawsuit and avoiding legal mistakes is vital in obtaining...

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Metrolink Train Accident Injures Innocent Riders

When we board a train, the last thing we think about is getting into an accident. Although trains in general are a safer mode of transportation due to their massive size, they are not invulnerable to accidents. When a train is involved in an accident, its passengers, who are often not wearing seatbelts, can get seriously injured or even die. The Facts Of the Accident On Tuesday, February 24th,...

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What To Do After a Slip and Fall At a Department Store

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, and department stores are a common location. Wet floors from mopping or consumers tracking in rain and snow, spilled and broken products, and debris on the floor or in aisles can all cause a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. Injuries sustained in these types of injuries can be serious, requiring extensive medical treatment. If you or a loved one...

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Do I Have to Report a Car Accident to My Insurance Company If I Was Not At Fault?

You got into a car accident. It is clear that the other party was at fault. You are wondering whether you have to notify your own insurance company. While you may not be required to notify your insurance company, it is still a good idea to do so for several reasons. Disputed Fault Liability in most car accidents is often not clear. There is always room for dispute by...

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