How to Pursue a Lawsuit against a Labor Union in California

Labor Union Attorney LALabor unions are supposed to look out for the best interests of their members. They negotiate contracts, ensure that their members work in safe working conditions, lobby employers for more benefits and other ostensibly noble tasks. However, like any other organization of people, labor unions occasionally violate their contracts with workers and betray the workers they are supposed to be representing in good faith. Under these circumstances, it may be necessary for a group of people or individual union members to sue their union. If you or fellow union members believe that your union has acted inappropriately in some way and betrayed your trust, here is how to pursue a lawsuit against a labor union in California.

  1. Hire an experienced lawyer with many years of experience practicing labor law. Discuss the matter with them to see if the grounds for a lawsuit exist. You may also contact a local law school as they sometimes allow students to assist people with questions about the law.
  2. Read California’s Rules of Civil Procedure along with any local rules that may apply if you are unable or not inclined to speak with a lawyer or law student. You can find this information online or in your local courthouse.
  3. Once you or your lawyer has prepared your complaint in accordance with legal procedure, file it with the court and bring your checkbook to pay the filing fee.
  4. The Rules of Civil Procedure will outline how to serve the complaint against the union.
  5. Through your lawyer or by yourself, prosecute your claim against the union or the court may dismiss it.

Filing a lawsuit can be a complicated procedure and your case will be dismissed if legal protocols are not observed. If you feel that you have grounds for a lawsuit against your union, the California negligence attorneys at the Law Office of Samer Habbas can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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