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nursing homeA recent Los Angeles Times story shows that courts have fined 12 California hospitals for medical errors involving medical overdoses, surgical error and much more. The California Department of Public Health has mandated corrective treatment plans for the involved facilities, which include the USC University Hospital near downtown Los Angeles and 11 more hospitals across the state.

Legal action against the hospitals has revealed instances in which medical workers left surgical items inside the body of a patient, as well as situations of patients receiving incorrect medications or improper dosages that led to significant injury. The hospitals involved have the ability to appeal, but some hospital officials have indicated that their facilities are not likely to begin the appeal process.

Medical malpractice harms many people each year. California state agencies do their best to monitor the quality of care that Orange County patients and others across the state are receiving, but unfortunately, some egregious medical errors continue to occur. Patients who experience injury in medical malpractice situations can rely on qualified legal representation to handle their claims.

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