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Taxicab Accident AttorneyA taxi that went off the road in San Diego’s Gaslamp district Saturday morning injured 23 people, including one woman whose leg had to be amputated after it was pinned against the wall of the Stingaree nightclub.San Diego police said no one had sustained life-threatening injuries in the auto accident, which happened about 1:30 Saturday morning. Some of the injured people had broken bones, and others had bruises.

The driver was identified by police as 52-year-old Sam Hassan Daly, an Egyptian doctor who moved to San Diego and became a taxi driver two years ago.

The taxi was traveling about 15 miles an hour when it went off the road. San Diego police said there was no evidence that Daly was drinking or had broken any laws prior to the auto accident. He has not been arrested.

An attorney for six of the victims said that evidence shows Daly had fallen asleep at the wheel.

After the auto accident, Daly was pulled from the taxi by an angry crowd and attacked. He sustained a fractured nose and cuts and bruises. It was not clear whether he had received these injuries in the auto accident, or in the ensuing violence.

Police also had to stop several smaller fights that broke out among the hundreds of people who poured out of Gaslamp nightclubs following the auto accident. Police and firefighters described the situation as a “melee.” Because there were so many witnesses to the auto accident, police expect their investigation to take weeks.

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