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Insurance AdjusterAfter getting injured in an accident, the last thing you want to hear from anyone is that “you are not that injured and you do not deserve much money for your minor injuries.” These words are mostly heard from insurance adjustors who are assigned to your personal injury claim. These people can seem like nothing more than obstacles to you getting the full compensation you rightly deserve for the injuries you suffered. Their goal is to make low ball offers and settle your claim as quickly, for cheaply as possible.

Insurance adjusters can be very frustrating, especially if you are dealing with them while trying to concentrate on your injuries and getting your life back under control. The best way to deal with an insurance adjustor is to learn what they really are and to hire an experienced Orange County accident attorney to deal with them.

What Is an Insurance Adjuster?

It is rather easy to define what an insurance adjuster is. At the most basic level, an insurance adjuster is an individual who works directly for an insurance company with the job of settling an injury claims as quickly as possible at the lowest value possible.

Their performance is typically measured by the number of cases they can resolve fast, and on how little they pay out. This is the exact reason why adjusters lowball accident claims and don’t want to address the full extent of accident victim’s injuries. Adjusters can be authorized to settle cases for as low as $5,000.

Getting the Full Value of Your Accident Claim

Insurance adjusters will to go great lengths to avoid going above their limit in order to meet their goal of settle cases quickly and cheaply. They will offer the lowest limit they are authorized to settle your case after taking only a cursory glance at your case. They will even try to blame you for the incident to avoid paying out on the claim. Some adjusters will even go as far as strong-arming victims or bullying them to just sign off on a release even though they know the case is worth much more.

There are two things you need to do to get the full value of your claim. One, you need to know the approximate value of your claim. You will have a better idea of the value of your case by looking at various factors, including:

• The full extent of the injuries you have suffered
• Whether you have loss of income
• The amount of medical bills you have incurred thus far
• Any future medical bill you may possibly incur
• The extent of your pain and suffering

The second step to getting the full value of your case is hiring an experienced and aggressive Orange County accident attorney. Insurance adjusters are less likely to undervalue an accident claim if you are legally represented.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to compensation. To ensure you get the full money damages you deserve, you need to consult with and hire an Orange County accident attorney.

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