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Buried in the details of the recent health care legislation passed by Congress is nearly $800 million, which is slated to be spent over the next four years to prevent elder abuse and prosecute offenders. Our California elder abuse attorneys are happy that the funding has been passed, but are not pleased that it has taken more than 30 years for the money to be allocated. Orange County elder abuse lawyers and other advocates for the elderly have been asking for more money and resources to help seniors and prosecute offenders since 1978, and it appears that their efforts have finally been rewarded.

The new legislation is very similar to the Elder Justice Act proposed years ago by the National Center on Elder Abuse. State and local senior protective service programs will have a steady, dedicated revenue stream to fund proactive programs that can now investigate elder abuse such as the following:

* Physical and emotional abuse
* Nursing home neglect
* Financial exploitation and other kinds of theft

There are many pages of details in this part of the new legislation, but it all boils down to one thing: helping senior citizens by adding investigators who have a mandate to prevent abuse and prosecute abusers. Our Los Angeles elder abuse attorneys applaud the new law, but know that it is incumbent upon us all to protect the elderly from abuse of all kinds. If you suspect that someone you know is suffering physical, emotional or financial abuse, you’re the key to bringing that abuse to an end. Call 888.848.5084 today and schedule a consultation with Law office of samer habbas one of our Los Angeles elder abuse lawyers. The abuse victim is counting on your help.