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Spinal Injurie Lawyer-Samer HabbasSpinal cord injuries are very serious and can significantly alter victim’s lives. Most spinal cord injuries occur in automobile accidents. Slip and fall accidents can result in spinal cord injuries as well as injuries sustained in sports or violence. The treatment of injuries to one’s spinal cord and the use of stem cells have been highly debated and questioned and has become quite politicized. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of embryonic stem cells for use on humans, which potentially could have great benefits for those suffering from spinal cord injuries. Soon, a California company will be one of the first companies in the United States and in the world to begin stem cell research and trials on humans.
Stem cell therapy has really offered a bit of hope for those with severe spinal cord injuries. Los Angeles and Southern California personal injury attorneys also see hope in this new for treatment. Victims of accidents who have suffered spinal cord injuries now have a new option for treatment and some optimism. Treatments for such injuries had been limited. Those without the use of their limbs now see a treatment available that could help regain feeling. The process is just in the beginning stages, and it will undoubtedly continue to develop. We will then learn what stem cells can offer the medical world and just how versatile they can be.

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