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An important reason you need to hire a Riverside injury lawyer is to avoid the various tactics insurance adjusters use to delay settling or paying out your personal injury claim.

More Documents Please

One of the most common delay tactics insurance adjusters use is the continuous request for additional documents to settle your claim. Chances are, the adjusters either already have the documents they are requesting or do not really need them to settle and pay out your claim.

Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasIf your Riverside injury lawyer has already provided all the necessary documents, such as medical bills, medical reports, lost wage information, but the adjuster is still continuing to make such unnecessary requests, your lawyer should demand an offer prior to providing the materials. If the adjuster refuses or fails to answer, your lawyer should reply that the requested documentation will be provided during discover after filing a lawsuit.

Documents From Prior Injuries

Another similar delay tactic is requesting documentation relating to medical problems five or ten years prior to your claim. This is a delay tactic because it will take your Riverside injury lawyer days or even weeks to prepare this information.

How your lawyer deals with these types of burdensome delay requests generally depends on the facts of your case. If you do not have a substantial medical history and no prior injuries to the area affected by the accident, your lawyer should simply provide the requested documents. This will provide the adjuster with no option but to settle your claim.

However, if you have had prior injuries to the affected area, it will enhance your credibility if your Riverside injury lawyer provides this information up front. This strategy will also allow the adjuster to make an informed decision and cease his or her delay tactics in settling your claim.

We Can Help

If you have suffered personal injuries and need to deal with an insurance company to get the just compensation that you deserve, it is imperative that you hire a Riverside injury lawyer to help you get your settlement as quickly as possible by avoiding delay tactics used by the adjusters.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Riverside injury lawyer, please call the Law Offices of Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084.