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Personal injury attorney lawyerA defense medical examination is a common part of personal injury litigation. The defense counsel will generally request this exam in order to have a physician of their choice give an expert opinion regarding your medical condition. However, in practice, the defense medical examination is typically a tactic used by the opposing counsel to get a doctor to discredit your injuries. Unfortunately, the doctor who conducts this exam is rarely independent and often shows glaring bias in favor of the defense. As such, it is essential that you consult with your Riverside personal injury lawyerbefore attending this exam.

In preparing your for your defense medical exam, your lawyer will provide you with the following advice:

  • The doctor may actually attempt to solicit information regarding the accident from you to provide to the defense. Therefore, it is important for you to be careful not to provide any additional information. If the doctor asks you questions regarding the specific events of the accident, tell him or her that your Riverside personal injury lawyer advised you not to discuss the facts of the accident.
  • You should be honest about your previous injuries. Chances are the defense already knows about them.
  • Only the doctor who was agreed upon by your Riverside personal injury lawyer should perform the examination. Do not let another doctor, even if they are in the same practice or group, conduct the medical exam.

Although it is unlikely that the defense medical examination report will be fair, with the right preparation, you can minimize damage to your case.

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