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personal injury lawyerSometimes, your personal injury claim will require an independent medical exam. If your Orange County personal injury attorney or the insurance company deems that such an exam is appropriate in determining the extent of your injuries, a third party will come in to perform the examination.

Afterwards, you should speak with your attorney immediately, while the details of the examination are still fresh in your mind. This becomes especially important if there is pending litigation, as the results of the examination may play a large role in your case at trial.

If your case is not pending litigation, an immediate debriefing is not as important. Your attorney will receive a report with the examiner’s findings, which he will then compare with the medical reports from your attorney. If there are any significant discrepancies, your attorney will show you the report and ask you about the examination. If there are any reasons to doubt the accuracy of the independent report, your attorney will promptly contact the examiner about a potentially faulty examination.

Your Orange County personal injury attorney may also need to consult with your doctor about the results of your independent examination. Your attorney may need your doctor to reevaluate his own findings and either confirm or deny the new report. If your doctor ends up confirming the new information from the independent examination, it may be necessary for you and your attorney to reevaluate your entire personal injury claim, as it may be worth significantly more or less in light of this new information.

In either case, having an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will know how to proceed with your case. Call Attorney Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 today for a free initial consultation.