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An Anaheim physician whose license had been revoked in 2002 but reinstated is again facing serious allegations of negligence after the death of a woman during an abortion. The license of the Anaheim obstetrician-gynecologist was suspended pending a recent California Medical Board hearing. According to records, the doctor is being investigated for the following:

  • Administering anesthesia without knowing the safe dosage
  • Practicing medicine in an unlicensed office
  • Performing surgery outside a hospital without malpractice insurance

The doctor voluntarily surrendered his medical license in 2002 after a two-year California Medical Board investigation. The investigation was prompted by the deaths of two infants in addition to allegations of lying to patients, having sex with a patient in his office and performing unnecessary hysterectomies. In 2007, his license was reinstated, outraging many of his former clients.

medical-malpractice-attorneyThe doctor’s current troubles stem from a July 2009 incident where a 30-year-old woman was undergoing an abortion procedure. Records indicate that the doctor injected lidocaine into her cervix, which caused the woman to have a severe reaction. The doctor reportedly performed CPR, but Board records indicate that there was a “significant delay” in calling 911. The woman was in full cardiac arrest when the paramedics arrived and died in the hospital six days later. An autopsy cited the cause of death as “lidocaine toxicity.”

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