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What if the person or persons responsible for the accident that caused my injury do not tell the truth?

Auto accident attorneyVery rarely does the account of the claimant match that of the tortfeasor. Orange County car accident attorneys have experience with cases where the tortfeasor was not truthful about the incident. Even in instances where there clearly was negligence or wrong doing, it is human nature for people to deny liability, fault, or blame either due to self-deception or the wish to avoid the consequences of admitting guilt.

What if the tortfeasor’s false account is believed instead of the true one?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the statements of the insured party or a witness on behalf of the insured party will be believed by the insurance company, leading to a denial of your claim and eliminating the possibility of settling. If your case cannot be settled, then it will proceed to the litigation stage by the filing of a lawsuit. Some cases, though not the majority, go all the way to trial.

What happens if my claim becomes a lawsuit?

Your Orange County auto accident lawyer will carefully examine the facts of your case to see if there is anything (laws, witnesses, facts, evidence) that supports the reality of how the accident happened. Most of the time, the truth eventually is revealed and the claim will be settled.

Should I contact or respond to the contact of the tortfeasor?

You should never correspond with the person or persons responsible for your accident. Because even the most harmless-seeming statement could easily be misinterpreted or used against you, such communication could jeopardize the settlement or decision regarding your case.

If you have been injured in a car accident, compensation for your injuries may be available. Please call Orange County auto accident attorney Samer Habbas for a free case evaluation.