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Did a Funeral Home Treat Your Loved One in a Disgraceful Manner? We Can Help!
Funeral home negligence is a legal term covering a broad spectrum of malfeasance by those in the funerary profession. A funeral home abuse (or negligence) lawyer is a personal injury attorney representing clients whose deceased loved ones have been treated in an unprofessional, disgraceful, or morally reprehensible manner.

Our Irvine California negligence attorneys will fight for a settlement you deserve and will be there to help you through this tough time. We handle funeral home abuse lawsuits in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino.

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In 2007, a Rohnert Park, CA, mortician lost his license as a result of improperly storing human remains. The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of California discovered that mortician Anthony Villegiante had stored nine bodies in a warehouse structure without providing adequate refrigeration to prevent the decomposition of the corpses.

Other examples of funeral home abuse include using improper cremation methods and incorrect mixing of cremated remains. Funeral home abuse lawyers have successfully collected damages from funerary professionals for losing the bodies of loved ones. Some funeral homes have practiced fraud by re-using expensive caskets supposedly intended for only one deceased individual. Even misrepresenting the services of a cemetery or cremation facility can be considered an instance of funeral home exploitation.

The Costs of Funeral Home Abuse

Funeral home exploitation is a violation of the trust that should exist between the family of the deceased and the funeral home staff. The grieving family must be able to depend on the professional courtesy and services of a funeral home in their time of sorrow.

Funeral home negligence rarely produces physical injury. Nevertheless, funeral home abuse causes great harm to the family and friends of the deceased. A funeral home negligence attorney specializes in ensuring that perpetrators of these heinous acts atone for the emotional damages they have inflicted.

Do You Know a Victim of Funeral Home Negligence?

Have your memories of a deceased loved one been sullied by the improper conduct of cemetery employees, morticians, or funeral home workers? Contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas. We are personal injury attorneys who specialize in bringing justice to the innocent victims of funeral home abuse.

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