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Medical Malpractice AttorneyFederal prosecutors have asked a court to permanently disbar a St. Louis attorney who has been sued by some of his former clients for legal malpractice for promoting allegedly fraudulent tax schemes. The lawyer is one of many tax preparers across the country facing federal charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice. Federal prosecutors say that the attorney sold fraudulent schemes to mostly wealthy clients in Missouri. The clients used the attorney’s charitable-contribution scheme to claim more than $750,000 in tax deductions for alleged contributions to two St. Louis-area private schools that actually received less than $2,000.

The attorney also faces charges for helping some clients evade Roth IRA contribution limits who later withdrew funds from these accounts without paying income tax. Two clients, a couple who owned their own business, participated in this scheme, and the IRS later audited and fined them for tax evasion. The couple has sued their former lawyer for legal malpractice, and the case is scheduled to go on trial in the near future.

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Resource link: St Louis Lawyer Joins DOJs List of Alleged Phony Tax Advisers