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Car accident-Samer HabbasLike most personal injury lawyers, the Samar Habbas car accident lawyers represent victims of auto and motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis. We would think most lawyers since they know what risks and dangers are involved with driving, would be at the top of the list for the best drivers. Yet according to a Reuter’s article, (attorneys, and judges) top the list of dangerous drivers in the US. Researchers at found that more than 44% of attorneys searching for new car insurance claimed a previous accident.

According to the Vice President of, “Professions that demand multi-taskingbeing on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule” are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents.”

Perhaps realtors and other salespeople would be at the top of that list also.

Multiple distractions invade everyone’s driving, not just attorneys. Although cell phone use is banned while driving in California and most states, how many of us can count drivers using the phone as they turn a dangerous corner or exit a freeway?

There are other distractions other than cell phone use. For example, reaching into a glove compartment, talking to passengers, adjusting the radio and even yelling at your kids can cause an accident any time of the day or night.

Driving in Los Angeles can make anyone a dangerous driver, not just attorneys. The California Highway Patrol stayed on their toes dealing with all the accidents this winter from weather and dangerous driving conditions. Roads in California, although providing beautiful scenery, can also be treacherous because of sharp turns, blind spots, traffic and narrow shoulders.

Who knows, maybe this list will lead to a new reality show called, “Auto Accident Lawyers Los Angeles.”

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