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Personal Injury AttorneyA mark of an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney is his or her ability to gauge a mental/emotional injury case’s odds of success before the case has even made it to trial. Indeed, experience allows such attorneys to recognize the key factors that make for strong mental/emotional injury cases, such as the following:

One factor that can greatly increase a mental/emotional injury’s odds of success is if the subject trauma also resulted in physical injuries. A physical injury may be easier for the jury to understand and sympathize with. Jurors may be able to intuitively understand how the incident that caused the physical injury would have psychological repercussions as well. As such, they can give your case more credibility, especially if you have objective medical evidence for it.

Another factor that may lend greater credibility to a mental/emotional injury case is how sympathetic the defendant is. While the jury should only be looking at the facts of the case, it is inescapable fact that they will find it easier to decide against large, unpopular corporations than against individuals. Obviously, this does not mean that you are guaranteed a victory if the defendant is a large corporation or guaranteed to lose if the defendant is an individual. Far from it but your attorney should look at every factor that might affect your trial no matter how trivial.

If you have suffered mental or emotional damage, you need the expertise of an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer if you want to be properly compensated for your suffering. Call the law office of Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.

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