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Passengers Injured After Log Ride Overturns at Castle Park Amusement Park in Riverside, California

Ride malfunction left three people injured, one in critical condition. Riverside, Calif. —  A log ride attraction encountered a malfunction that left three people injured, one in critical condition, at Castle Park amusement park on Saturday, May 25. At around 4:30 p.m., two adults and a child were ejected from the log-shaped car as the motor-operated cart approached the bottom of the water-slide. Officials reported the accident injured a...
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FDA Strengthens Warning About Dangers & Risks of Sleeping Pills

Sleep deprivation causes over 100,000 car accidents and over 1,500 deaths per year, but that’s not to say sleeping aids are the answer to getting a good night’s sleep. Getting enough hours of sleep can save lives, but taking sleeping pills to prevent fewer car accidents is still risking a life… your own. Sleeping aids have become a reliant part of everyday society. With the long works days, hours...
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