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automatic braking feature reduced rear-end accidentsWhat is the Automatic Braking System?

Before we can understand the full impact of the automatic braking system on rear-end collisions, it is important to understand what the system is and how it works. Automatic braking is a safety technology that automatically activates the vehicle’s brake system, to some degree, when necessary. Systems vary from pre-charging brakes, to slowing the vehicle to reduce damage. Some advanced systems even completely take over and stop the vehicle before a crash happens.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety points out that automatic braking or “brake assist” is an important part of crash avoidance technologies, including rear-end collisions.


The Impact of the Automatic Braking System Feature

In 2012, one-third of all police-reported accidents involved a rear-end collision with another vehicle as the first harmful event in the crash. The NHTSA believes that advanced crash avoidance and mitigation technologies, like the automatic braking system, could help in this area. The NHTSA’s extensive research on this technology reveals that this technology is in fact capable of avoiding or reducing the severity of rear-end crashes in certain situations.

According to a new study from the General Motors and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, the automatic emergency braking with a forward collision alert has reduced rear-end striking crashes by 46 percent. 


Before You Drive, Learn About Your Vehicle’s Safety Features

All good things, however, do come with a warning and caveat – and the automatic braking system in vehicles is no exception. It is important for motorists to be aware of their vehicle’s full-capabilities. Some automatic braking systems do not bring the vehicle to a full and complete stop. As such it is crucial to know the full extent of your vehicle’s features and capabilities and simply assume that this technology will automatically prevent a rear-end collision.


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