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There are certain emotions that experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers will not invoke when litigating personal injury lawsuits. Two of the most important emotions to avoid are sympathy and anger.

Sympathy Does Not Motivate Jurors

Personal injury attorney lawyerSympathy is not an emotion that motivates the majority of jurors to take a stand for plaintiffs. In fact, one of the most important things courts highlight when instructing the jury in most cases is not to decide the case based on sympathy. This simple instruction may even give defense-oriented jurors the moral ammunition to actively oppose sympathy in the jury room.

An experienced Los Angeles injury lawyer is aware that invoking sympathy in a juror may ultimately become an obstacle to recovery and feed negative bias towards other juries. As such, good lawyers will steer clear of using this technique at trial.

Anger Does Not Motive Jurors

Although anger is a more powerful motivator for jurors than sympathy, it is an ineffective tool if used too early in trial or by itself.

In order for anger to be a successful tool to motivate jurors to vote for plaintiffs in a personal injury claim, they must experience the anger for themselves. This is nearly impossible to do in the early stages of a trial. A good Los Angeles injury lawyer will build his case until the jury starts to actually experience the anger on a subconscious level without being told do. Only then will this emotion motivate them to vote for the plaintiff.

Furthermore, in order for anger to motivate, it needs to be attached to a positive value, a value that a juror personally believes in and perceives to be worth fighting to protect.

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