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Even with an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney, a large part of the success of any personal injury claim depends on the client; to successfully pursue a personal injury case, the client must maintain a certain temperament and outlook.

Avoid Pessimism

Personal Injury AttorneyAs a personal injury client, you should try to avoid being overly pessimistic about your situation. Experienced attorneys know that clients with nothing positive at all to say about their lives tend to be very difficult. Judges and jurors tend to get the impression that the client will be unsatisfied with whatever outcome their attorney manages to secure for them. By having a positive outlook in a difficult situation, your case’s odds of success are actually improved. This approach, along with the help of an experienced Irvine personal injury attorney, can boost the results of your claim.

Avoid Acting Entitled

The other important thing you will need to do as a personal injury client is to avoid coming across as entitled. Insurance claims adjusters, jurors, and judges are people who have a sense of fairness, and therefore, they will want to reward only people who deserve it. You should never approach the personal injury litigation process as if you already are owed money. Insurance claims adjusters, jurors, and judges can sense entitlement, and if they sense it, you will lose your credibility. Then they will resist paying you what you deserve even if the factual and legal foundation of your case is rock solid.

When Testifying

It is not hard to make sure that you do not come across as overly entitled or negative. There are just a few things you will need to avoid while giving testimony. First, you must avoid defining your life and your injury’s effect on it in terms of money. You must describe the effect it had in terms of your loss of happiness and your physical pain. You should also avoid coming across as too angry. You want to judge and jury to know that you are litigating out of a desire to be compensated, not to “punish” the parties responsible for your accident.”

Experienced Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas will make sure that you make a good impression on the judge, jury, and insurance representatives involved in your case, which will lead to a good chance of your getting the money you deserve. We will aggressively pursue your claim to ensure that you are rightfully compensated for your injuries. Call 888-848-5084 today for a free initial consultation.