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When your insurance adjuster attempts to negotiate a settlement with you or your Orange County personal injury attorney, you must be wary of common tactics that some unscrupulous adjusters use to low ball the personal injury settlements. These tactics are meant to put unfair pressure on you to settle for less than you deserve.

Personal injury attorney lawyerIf you have previously been involved in a lawsuit, some insurance representatives may use your litigation history against you. Even in the best of circumstances, litigation is an ordeal. If you lost the case, expect the adjuster to convince you that you would be unlikely to win if your current claim goes to litigation. And even if you won the case, the claims representative may attempt to convince you that getting an attorney is not worth the money because of attorney’s fees and the like. He may even try to convince you that the settlement offer is more than what you would win in court after attorney’s fees, even though there is no way he can know this for sure.

The insurance adjuster may also try to claim that the insured is not the one responsible for your damages. A common example is consequential property damages: insurance companies sometimes claim that property damaged or stolen from the scene of the accident after you were taken away in an ambulance is not related to the accident and refuse to pay damages for it.

Another tactic involves the insurance adjuster falsely accusing you of failing to prepare the necessary documentation he needs to investigate your claim. In fact it, is the insurance company’s responsibility to produce such documentation.

The insurance adjuster may also accuse you of illegally trying to inflate your claim by not taking the appropriate steps to mitigate your damages. He may claim that you did not seek medical care quickly enough and then refuse to listen to whatever extenuating circumstances that may have delayed you.

Do not put up with this. If you suspect that the insurance company is attempting to avoid paying you a fair settlement, call experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free initial consultation.