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Benefits of Resolving Your Personal Injury Case Out of CourtWhen you are injured in an accident that involves the negligence or recklessness of another party, there are two possible ways to secure compensation from the at-fault party. Either the liable party (or their insurance carrier) will voluntarily agree to pay your compensation, or the case will proceed to trial and a court will order the negligent party to pay you.

Most personal injury cases – including motor vehicle collisions, premises liability claims, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, and more – are resolved without the need to resort to litigation, and for good reason. This article discusses the four benefits of resolving your case out of court.

  1. Faster Resolution of Your Personal Injury Case

Litigating personal injury cases can be very time-consuming. Once a lawsuit has been filed, it can take years to actually receive the compensation that you deserve. Even if you get a favorable jury verdict, you may still not get your compensation if the other party decides to appeal the verdict.

By settling out of court, you don’t have to endure the many delays associated with waiting for court dates and all other steps associated with bringing a case to trial.

  1. Guaranteed Outcome of Your Personal Injury Case

When you enter into a settlement with the negligent party or their insurance carrier, you know exactly what the outcome and compensation will be. However, if you go to court and trial, this certainty cannot be expected. There is always the possibility of getting a defense verdict, in which case you will get nothing. Even if you win, your compensation may be lower or higher than you expected – in both situations, there is a great level of uncertainty.

  1. Lower Legal Costs

Personal injury lawyers generally get paid for their services once they secure compensation for you. At that point, you will have to reimburse their costs and expenses associated for preparing your case, in addition to a percentage of your compensation as part of their fee. The further your case progresses towards trial, the more costs and expenses your attorney will incur – which will directly be deducted from your overall settlement. As such, if your case settles out of court, you can save on the legal costs deducted from your compensation.

  1. Privacy

When a personal injury case proceeds to trial, the details of the case become public record. This includes all testimony and evidence, including details of your sex life, health or mental state. If you settle your case without going through the litigation process, the details of your case and the settlement amount will remain confidential unless if both parties agree to make it public.

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