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Attorney - Samer HabbasWatch out for this common bluff from insurance adjusters. The value of your claim is not time sensitive: a claim worth $40,000 today will likely still be worth $40,000 in the future. You should never let the insurance company pressure you into making hasty decisions.

If the claims adjuster persists in threatening to withdraw all offers, the best course of action may be to file suit. If you do so, the insurance company will be forced to hire an expensive defense attorney to handle litigation. This will often cost the insurer more in legal fees than it would to simply pay your claim.

Your Orange County personal injury lawyer can use this fact to your advantage while negotiating with the adjuster and also point out the burden that litigation will add to the adjuster’s caseload. Insurance adjusters are often evaluated based on their ability to quickly turn over cases, and negative evaluations will deprive an adjuster of pay raises and bonuses. Couple that with the fact that most adjusters already have impacted caseloads, and you will find that insurance adjusters are often more willing to negotiate than they initially let on. Your personal injury attorney may recognize that the insurance company has more to lose and respond to their bluffs by threatening to withdraw all demands.

If your insurance company is attempting to pressure you into what may be an unfair settlement, call Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas at 888-845-5084 for a free consultation.