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motorcycle accidentSan Bernardino residents and others in the greater Los Angeles area know that it can be tricky to bike on local roads, but what are the real health and safety concerns when choosing a method of transportation? Some interesting answers are coming from the Pedestrian and Biking Information Center, a public resource helping families and individuals choose the best transit strategies for daily life.

Recent public reports put traffic injuries for pedestrians and bicycle riders in context. Balanced against the rates for vehicular injuries to bikers and walkers, health advocates cite the thousands of cardio-related deaths each year in California hospitals to show that for San Bernardino, Riverside and L.A. residents, biking is actually safer than practicing a sedentary lifestyle.

In San Bernardino itself, a public transit system allows for a strategic mix: taking your bike to local bus systems. San Bernardino bus system resources show that local buses have been outfitted with bike racks and charge no extra fee for taking bicycles on a bus. This allows people to bike to a bus station in less heavy traffic and take the bus through the most dangerous parts of their commute in order to get the best of both worlds when it comes to health and safety.

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