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Health CareIn recent studies on health care workers across the state of California, researchers discovered over 100 cases of health care workers who stayed on the job after failing drug and alcohol tests. News reports cited a “confidential project” where experts tracked the careers of many workers who were able to keep their jobs although they tested positive for drugs or alcohol.

Those arguing in defense of state standards for health care workers point to “diversion programs” started in the fall of 2009 in order to help curb the problem of drug and alcohol violations, but others blame the state for failing to ensure a drug and alcohol free environment in health care systems across California.

Medical errors committed by health care workers are just one of the major threats to patients in California hospital settings, but they are a significant source of various serious patient injuries including surgical mistakes and oxygen deprivation cases that can lead to brain trauma. California residents have a right to expect that the effects of substance abuse will not cloud the judgment of doctors or other medical workers when they are receiving care.

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