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Wrongful death attorneyA California U.S. district court judge renowned for his ability to parse complex legal cases has been selected by a federal panel to hear an increasing number of wrongful death and other lawsuits against Toyota Motor Corporation. The lawsuits have been filed against the giant automaker for injuries, death and other damages caused by sudden acceleration, sticking gas pedals and other safety problems that have caused the automaker to recall over eight million vehicles.

Federal Judge James V. Selna will hear the federal lawsuits filed across the country that blame Toyota for incidents where some of their models have accelerated out of control, causing at least eight confirmed deaths, many injuries and wrongful death and other lawsuits.

Judge John Heyburn II, chairman of the panel, called Judge Selna “well regarded and skilled” in the panel’s order Friday. “Judge Selna’s 28 years of private law practice at the very highest levels and in some of the most complex cases leaves him well prepared for a case of this magnitude,” Judge Heyburn said. Judge Selna will make the decisions on how or whether to lump all the lawsuits into class actions and make rulings on evidence and other important decisions.

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Resource link: California Judge Will Hear Wrongful Death and Other Lawsuits Against Toyota