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Those who are grieving for a family member who has passed away have a right to expect that funeral homes and similar businesses will take appropriate reactions to respect and safeguard the body and possessions of the deceased. The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, a branch of the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs, is helping to make sure that families receive the service they deserve from funeral homes across the state.

Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasAs part of the state’s regulatory apparatus, the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau provides oversight of cemetery and funeral related industries all over California. One way that this agency is helping Californians is through modern filing methods. The Bureau offers various ways to file a grievance against an employee of a cemetery, mortuary or other funeral business. These include calling a consumer information hotline at 1-800-952-5210, filling out a simple online form or downloading and printing the same form to mail in.

Too often, dishonest mortuary companies are found to be disregarding proper burial standards, re-using funeral materials or otherwise cutting corners, much to the detriment of their customers. Besides filing with the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, another thing that a family can do in this tragic situation is turn to an experienced attorney for help.

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