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California’s Boating Accident Program was created to provide a database for boating accident analysis and make the state’s waterways safer for people using all sorts of watercraft. Each year, California releases a comprehensive study of the different types of boating accidents that occurred in the state the previous year. The study provides information on the types of accidents, the number of fatalities caused in accidents and the number and types of injuries. The California Boating Accident Report provides information on personal watercraft, young people operating watercraft and alcohol-related boating accidents that cause fatalities.

Under California state law, a boater involved in a boating accident must fill out and file an accident report with the California Department of Boating and Waterways. A report must be filed when someone is killed, disappears or suffers an injury that requires medical attention beyond basic first aid. A report is required when a vessel sinks, is destroyed, incurs damage or damages property worth $500 or more.

Although boaters are required to file accident reports, the information in the reports is confidential and cannot be used for the prosecution of violations or for civil litigation of any kind. The information is solely intended for promoting boating safety, education and law enforcement on California’s waterways and developing safety programs to reduce boating accidents and the number of people injured and killed in them.

Despite the steps taken by the state to prevent boating accidents, too many accidents still happen and result in deaths and injuries that change the course of lives forever. If you have been injured in a boating accident due to another boater’s negligence, call Los Angeles California accident lawyer Samer Habbas today to schedule a free consultation.