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In a disturbing September 28 incident, California Highway Patrol police report that a driver of a stolen vehicle struck an officer and then fled the scene after a traffic violation stop.

personal injury lawyerReports indicate police recovered the vehicle, but never found the driver. The car took off after police stopped the driver at Eastern Avenue and Whittier Boulevard near the Long Beach Freeway. The response of the driver seems to have been motivated by the fear of being caught driving the stolen vehicle. The officer did not suffer significant injuries, according to the recent news story.

Public hazards can result when a driver involved in criminal activity then has a confrontation with law enforcement. These situations threaten public health and safety and can lead to personal injury or wrongful death situations in which victims need to obtain legal counsel in order to assess liability and seek damages. A criminal fleeing the scene of an accident is one of the most dangerous types of drivers that any of us will encounter on the road. That’s why law enforcement has to use the utmost caution in pursuing and detaining individuals.

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