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Many are intimidated by the prospect of giving a video deposition. However, performing well in a video deposition is simply a matter of following a few simple pieces of advice from a knowledgeable Orange County personal injury attorney. The three most important pieces of advice are perhaps the most obvious: listen to the entire question, […]

Make Sure to Answer All Questions at Your Deposition

When appearing for the deposition in your personal injury case, you may be worried about how to conduct yourself and how to act in front of the opposing attorney. Your Irvine personal injury attorney will prepare you for what questions to expect and how to act. It is important that you answer all questions unless […]

Personal injury attorney lawyer

When testifying at your personal injury deposition or trial, you might feel nervous and intimidated that you might say something wrong. An Irvine personal injury attorney will be able to help you prepare and put your mind at ease. When testifying, it is a good idea to avoid overly vague or ambitious terms that indicate […]

What Deposition Subjects Can I Anticipate as Plaintiff of an Orange County Personal Injury Lawsuit?

As a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you will probably be required to give a deposition at some point before the trial. While you must take the process seriously, with an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney on your side, you need not be too worried. Your attorney will take the time to prepare […]

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As a plaintiff in a personal injury suit, you may have to give a deposition.  At your deposition, the opposing party’s attorney will have an opportunity to ask you questions while you are under oath. All Orange County personal injury attorneys agree that how you dress and act at your deposition are important. Your deposition […]