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Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites can be very dangerous – both for the workers and the passersby. The chances of getting injured in a construction site accident are higher than in most other places. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 5,000 workers were killed in construction site accidents in 2014. This equals to nearly […]

An article that appeared in the Durant Democrat describes a workplace accident that claimed the life of a man. Workplace accidents occur every day and, tragically, some of them result in fatalities. However, what if you are an injured victim who survived a workplace accident and you feel that a doctor did not adequately diagnose […]

An article on the website of Manufacturer’s Monthly illustrates how catastrophic workplace injuries can be. A workplace accident can occur at virtually any workplace and injured workers are often unsure about what to do if they are injured at work. California accident lawyer Samer Habbas has helped countless clients injured at work in his many […]

A story that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel describes a workplace accident that injured an amusement park worker struck by a roller coaster. The story brings to mind a question; can an employer fire you if you sustain an injury at work? The answer is no. If you suffer an injury on the job, your […]

This article in the Sacramento Business Journal about California worker’s compensation insurance is indicative of the scope of the state’s program and the costs of worker’s comp insurance. However, to an employee injured on the job and hurting, an employer’s insurance costs are far down their list of priorities and many injured workers are reluctant […]