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Personal injury attorney lawyerYour personal injury lawsuit can be won or lost depending on how well your personal injury attorney in Riverside cross-examines and challenges an adverse witness’s credibility at trial. If the witness is lying or even bending the truth, your attorney may not be able to force him or her to provide the answer your attorney is looking for. However, an experienced attorney can use the witness’s claim of forgetfulness to challenge his or credibility.

Approach Used to Challenge An Adverse Witness’s Credibility

There are various approaches that your personal injury attorney in Riverside can use in successfully challenging the credibility of an adverse witness who been has lying about a key event. Below are three sample approaches:

  1. Ask a list of questions that the witness will most like reply to with an “I don’t remember” response.
  2. Ask simple questions that are not particularly focused or important to the subject event and that the witness can easily answer. This line of questioning will demonstrate to the jury that while the witness can easily remember insignificant facts, he or she cannot remember pertinent facts about the case.
  3. Ask questions pertaining to events that occurred much later than the accident that the witness is sure to remember. Then highlight the fact that although the witness can remember details from long ago, he or she cannot remember details from the accident that happened more recently.

With the proper approach and line of questioning, your personal injury attorney in Riverside can demonstrate to the jury that the “forgetful” witness does in fact have a clear and sharp memory and may only be claiming “selective” memory loss with respect to the facts that are pertinent to your case.

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