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Child Sexual Abuse LawyersWe entrust our most precious assets, our children, every morning to teachers and other school employees. In fact, many children spend more time with their schoolteachers than with their own parents. However, this trust has been sorely misplaced as stories of sexual assault and sexual abuse at the hands of teachers and administrators surface in new cases all too often.

According to a 2004 study, an alarming 10 percent of public school students have suffered sexual school abuse or assault by a teacher or other school administrator at some time in their lives. Even more alarming is that this figure does not account for the millions of children enrolled in private schools.

Moreover, research also shows that, for a variety of reasons, a large number of cases involving the inappropriate sexual conduct, treatment, harassment or activity at the hands of schoolteachers and administrators go unreported each year.

These criminal actions are an egregious breach of the trust that we place in the adults who have authority over our children for more than 8 hours every day throughout most of the year.

Although no monetary compensation can undo the terrible and life-long effects of sexual school abuse, it will hold these perpetrators accountable for their actions and help pay for the undoubtedly expensive therapy necessary to deal with the ramifications of the abuse.

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