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Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorney

Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorneys Helping Abuse Victims and Families

elder abuse attorney los angelesIt is unconscionable to nearly all of us that someone would deliberately take advantage of a senior citizen and abuse him or her in some way. Why would someone abuse an elderly person who is unable to help himself or herself? However unpleasant it is to think about, elder abuse happens every day in Los Angeles County and California, and victims are often unable or too terrified to report the abuse. Abusers rely on fear and an elderly person’s limited capabilities to continue their pattern of abuse, and it is everyone’s responsibility to report abuse when and wherever he or she suspects it is happening. After notifying the authorities, the next thing victims and families should do is contact an experienced Los Angeles elder abuse lawyer to explain their options and inform their decisions.

Abused elders need our help to end the abuse and hold the abusers accountable. If you need to speak with an elder abuse lawyer, call us today at 888-848-5084!

Different Kinds of Elder Abuse

When we hear about elder abuse, our first thought is usually physical abuse of some kind, and sadly, that is often correct. For reasons we will never understand, some people prey on those least able to protect themselves. However, all types of elder abuse are despicable, and other kinds of abuse include the following:

  • Financial abuseThis is another common type of elder abuse as many seniors rely on others to handle their financial affairs and look out for them if they are unable to manage their money. We know from newspaper headlines that unscrupulous people routinely take advantage of elders, abuse that trust and fiscal responsibility and steal from seniors.
  • Sexual abuseSexual abuse is non-consensual sexual contact of any kind and constitutes sexual assault.
  • NeglectWhen a caregiver or facility fails to provide a reasonable level of care for the elderly, whether it is failing to help them care for themselves, provide food, water and shelter, provide necessary medical care, protect them from harm or any other kind of neglect, it is abuse no matter how you look at it.
  • Emotional or psychological abuseA word can hurt just as badly or more than a fist, and people who are verbally abusive can and should be held liable for damages. Emotional or psychological trauma can negatively affect every aspect of a senior’s life.
  • AbandonmentAbandoning an elderly person and leaving him or her without help, care or proper medical attention is another deplorable type of abuse.

What You Should Do If You Suspect Someone Is Suffering Abuse

If, for any reason, you suspect someone is suffering abuse, call the Los Angeles Police Department, and tell them what you have observed. Then, call the L.A. Elder Abuse Hotline at (877) 477-3646. After you have contacted the authorities, contact us Law office of Samer Habbas  at 888-848-5084 to schedule a consultation. We are aggressive Los Angeles elder abuse attorneys who will build an effective case against the abusers and help abuse victims receive the compensation they need to move to a new facility, receive the medical care they need and improve their quality of life.


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