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Riverside Bus Accident Attorney

bus accident attorneyThe sheer weight and size of any kind of bus virtually assure that occupants will have severe injuries or worse if the bus is in an accident. When we board a bus, we trust that the bus has had proper maintenance and that an experienced professional with the correct training and licensing will drive it. Unfortunately, bus companies and drivers don’t always honor that trust. The news media often feature stories about negligent companies and drivers who cause accidents through poor maintenance, overworked or unqualified drivers and other acts of negligence. When this negligence results in injuries to passengers or worse, they and their families have a right to speak with a Riverside bus accident lawyer and seek damages for their losses, pain and suffering and other injuries.

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Bus Accidents Often Result in Devastating Injuries

Few buses of any kind have seatbelts to protect passengers in the event of an accident. Passengers rely on the bus company and driver to transport them safely from one place to another. When an accident occurs, passengers have little protection and are violently thrown around inside, resulting in serious injuries such as the following:

In the days following a bus accident, the bus companies and their insurers often try to protect themselves by contacting accident victims and offering some modest compensation in exchange for a signature on some documents. They deliberately try to take advantage of victim’s disorientation to persuade them to sign away their rights to seek fair and just compensation. Don’t let this happen to you! Before you sign anything, review it with your Riverside bus accident attorney.
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