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When you are injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the party who caused the accident. If your car accident attorney is able to successfully prove fault, you can seek different types of damages. There are two common types of damages: special damages and general damages. Special damages are any types of damages that can be proven with a bill, receipt or invoice – such as medical bills.

car accidentGeneral damages are damages that cannot be proven with specificity. One example of a general damage is pain and suffering. Your attorney cannot prove your pain and suffering damages with any bill, receipt or invoice. As such, valuing pain and suffering damages can be complicated and often involves various factors.

What Is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering damages are a type of monetary compensation that is intended to compensate you for the pain and suffering you that you endured as a result of the injuries from the accident. This type of damage is not based on any specific economic loss.

Instead, your Orange County accident attorney will need to decide the value of your pain and suffering based on the specific facts of your case. Pain and suffering damages are typically referred to as noneconomic damages for these reasons.

Factors That Impact a Pain and Suffering Awards

In practice, there are many factors that may affect the calculation of a pain and suffering award. However, in most cases, the main factor that often guides the formulation of this type of damage is the total medical bills and the nature and extent of the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.

Another common factor in motor vehicle accident cases is the damage to the vehicle. For example, if your car is only slightly dented in the accident, you can expect a smaller monetary award than if your car was totaled. It is logical to infer that a more serious motor vehicle accident will likely cause you to become more injuries and have greater suffering.

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