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Construction sites can be very dangerous – both for the workers and the passersby. The chances of getting injured in a construction site accident are higher than in most other places. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 5,000 workers were killed in construction site accidents in 2014. This equals to nearly one out of five workers getting killed on  the job. The number of injuries at construction sites is even higher, running into the tens of thousands. Most of these accidents are caused by construction equipment.
Construction Site Accidents

Common Causes of Equipment-Related Construction Site Injuries

There are four leading types of equipment-related construction site accidents: falls, electrocution, struck by an object, and caught-in/between equipment. These injuries are discussed in more detail below:

-Falls. Falls account for almost 40 percent of construction site injuries and fatalities. Most of these construction site falls are caused by defective scaffolding, ladders, and other such equipment.
-Electrocution. Workers can easily get electrocuted at construction sites if they mishandle electrical equipment or use defective electrical equipment, such as saw and other power tools. Electrocutions account for more than 8 percent of injuries and deaths at construction sites each year in the United States.
-Struck by equipment. Another common cause of equipment-related construction accidents and deaths is getting struck by heavy equipment, such as cranes.
-Caught in/between. Construction workers are constantly at a risk of getting caught in or between equipment, machinery, and vehicles. These types of accidents account for approximately 4 percent of all construction deaths.
-Fire. Defective construction equipment can easily burst into flames and seriously injure or kill workers mishandling them.

Common Equipment-Related Injuries

Construction equipment injuries can be serious and even fatal because of the massive force of the impact. Common types of equipment related injuries include:

-Broken or fractured bones
-Cuts and lacerations
-Eye injuries
-Muscle and ligament injuries
-Traumatic brain injuries
-Spinal cord injuries
-Loss of hearing

These injuries often require extensive medical care and treatment that be very expensive. Some injuries may impact your entire life and prevent you from returning to work. With the help of an experienced Los Angeles construction accident attorney, you may seek compensation for your past and future medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and emotional harm.

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