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Insurance adjusters are never easy to deal with, but some of them can make filing claims an especially miserable experience. Some insurers have tricks to try to wear you down and make you think your chances of obtaining a reasonable settlement are too low to bother. An Irvine personal injury attorney can help you deal with these insurers and watch out for their tricks.

One trick insurers sometimes use is the “Dirty Harry” approach, which entails daring you to file a lawsuit. The insurer might defer on providing a realistic claim valuation because he sees a lawsuit as a way to reduce his pending caseload. Many Irvine personal injury attorneys mistakenly believe that adjusters are penalized for having claim files enter the litigation process. Some adjusters actually prefer the litigation process for several reasons: the file then transfers to a defense attorney, who is easier to work with than the claimant/plaintiff counsel; the adjuster no longer has to deal with the difficulties of negotiating with opposing counsel; and the file itself might move from the adjuster’s unit to a separate litigation unit and becomes someone else’s problem.

Some insurers deliberately low-ball claims to try to save the company money and send a message to the plaintiff that there is no easy money to be gained. They might also make low-ball offers out of ignorance or due to a blind spot in evaluating the case. Others might think that low-balling a claim evaluation is the best way to counter the “high-balling” your Irvine personal injury attorney will engage in.

Claims adjusters have time to wait, and they are not in a hurry to evaluate your claim. Long payout intervals are better for them because they make their money not from writing insurance, but by investing. It is often poorly understood how the insurance business is really two separate businesses operating as one. The business of underwriting insurance on risks is usually a money-loser. However, the business of investing the money paid by policyholders can have large yields and returns, more than enough to offset the losses absorbed by the insurance division.

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