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One of the most crucial points to remember when testifying in your personal injury case is that you should never volunteer any information. Always wait until the question is posed, answer the exact question asked, and then stop. Any competent Orange County personal injury attorney will surely share with you this vitally important advice.

Volunteering information will not help your case in any way, and it might actually harm your case by giving the opposing attorney a chance to think of additional questions to ask you. So, a good rule of thumb is to answer with a yes or no if the question can honestly be answered with such a response and do not volunteer a further answer. Your Orange County personal injury attorney will help you prepare for testimony beforehand.

Additionally, do not ramble or provide long-winded answers at trial. Instead, answer the questions in the same manner that you would if you were filling out a written form. People who have been injured, or who are related to someone who has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, naturally deem it necessary to tell their whole story, even if they are not asked for the whole story.

For instance, suppose the opposing attorney asks you where you were going at the time of the accident. An inappropriate answer would be: “I was going to work, but I typically would have been at home. See, my friend’s car had to be put in the shop that day, and I dropped her off at work…” While all of that might be factual and helpful to your case, you must resist the urge to go into detail. The more suitable response to the question would have been: “I was on my way to work.” Keep your responses short, simple and to the point.

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