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Personal injury attorney lawyerYour experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will help your prepare for giving your testimony in court. For many individuals, giving testimony at trial is a terrifying and nerve wrecking experience. But the key to a successful testimony is preparation.In adequately preparing you for your testimony, your Orange County personal injury attorney will provide you with several tips as to how you should conduct yourself while on the stand.

Be consistent with your responses.

It is very common for the opposing attorney to get you to change your response by asking the question in various forms. The key is to stick to your original answer, unless if you truly believe that your original answer was incorrect. If you wish to change your answer, do so by testifying that your earlier testimony was mistaken.

Never attempt to explain or justify your answer.

Your job is to simply respond to the opposing attorney’s questions by providing the facts as you know them. You do not need to apologize or justify the facts. It is the job of your Orange County personal injury attorney to convince the other party that the facts you provided are the correct version of the incident.

Correct your answer.

It is acceptable and, in fact, advisable for you to correct any inaccurate facts that you may have previously provided. This will strengthen your credibility with both the judge and jury.

If your attorney interrupts you, stop speaking.

One of the most important tips that you should bear in mind during your testimony is to stop speaking if your Orange County personal injury attorney objects to a question asked by the opposing counsel.

In such a situation you should first, carefully listen to the objection your attorney is making, because it may reveal the unfair nature of the question asked. Then, refrain from answering the question until your attorney tells you to complete your answer. Lastly, if your attorney advises you not to answer a question, you should not do so.

You should definitely remember these tips that your Orange County personal injury attorney has provided you in order to provide a helpful testimony for your case. Call 888-848-5084 to contact experienced Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today and schedule a free evaluation of your case.