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A September 13 motorcycle police chase ended with an accident near Colton in the greater Orange County/San Bernardino area. Several individuals sustained a range of injuries.

personal injury attorneyPolice reported that after they tried to apprehend a motorcycle driver with a passenger for speeding, the motorcyclist accelerated before crashing into a Toyota Prius on Rancho Avenue. The motorcyclist and his passenger were critically injured, and the Prius passengers received only minor injuries.Police chase scenarios like this can often cause personal injury to various parties, including bystanders or, in this case, innocent drivers who share the road with aggressive ones.

When Southern Californians experience injuries in these situations, the police report sometimes only tells part of the story. Often, it’s left to professional Orange County personal injury lawyers to put the pieces together and reveal the truth about injuries suffered by an accident victim. More than one party may have liability in this type of case, including law enforcement officers who may not have followed correct procedure in a chase situation.

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