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Watch out for the California Highway Patrol.

All day on October 5, local police targeted distracted drivers as a way to promote awareness of the hazard that these unsafe motorists cause on the roadway.

Things the police look out for include texting or emailing, putting on makeup, driving recklessly while talking on a cell phone or anything else that takes the driver’s full concentration away from the road.

In some ways, the current campaign is a little like the existing “click it or ticket” program that police enforce aggressively throughout Southern California. The difference, though, is a major one. While not wearing a seat belt only leaves the driver who decided not to wear one vulnerable, distracted driving makes all of us potential victims.

Distracted driving causes many kinds of major auto accidents. Recent high-profile cases show how distracted driving, particularly cell phone distraction, has caused auto accident injuries as well as fatalities on the road.

Police planned to exhibit their findings from the October 5 large-scale crackdown at an October 14 meeting at the Dodger Stadium, according to local news reports. In addition, they will tag some future dates as “enforcement red letter days” on which distracted drivers will be at the top of the list for traffic stops.

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