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One of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. There are numerous distractions while we are sitting behind the wheel that may cause us to take our eyes away from the road (even for a split second) and get into a car accident. Some examples include texting, talking on the phone, dealing with children, talking to a passenger, putting on makeup, playing with the iPod, changing the radio station, and looking at the navigation.

dangers of distracted driving

Another distraction that is becoming more and more common as technology advances is the interactive devices that car manufacturers are adding to vehicles to allow motorists to use hands-free electronics. According to a new AAA study, these devices may actually be creating more harm and distraction, than doing good.

The AAA Study of Interactive Car Devices

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has conducted a new study of voice-activated vehicle features. The study reveals that voice-activated vehicle features “may actually increase mental distraction.” More specifically, the AAA research finds, in part, that:

  • Some voice-activated systems in motor vehicles are so inaccurate that they generate a shockingly high level of distraction for the drivers.
  • Composing text messages and emails through the use of in-vehicle technology can be even more distracting than using the cell phone device itself to prepare and send the same message.

David Strayer, a neuroscientist with the University of Utah, who led the AAA research, stated that these voice-activated systems are “here to stay” and the goal is to make them “no more distracting than listening to the radio.”

Be Careful When Using Voice-Activated Car Devices

Just because your car has a voice-activated device, it does not mean that it is safe and that you should use it. However, if you opt to use this device, it is important that you use extreme caution.

On the other hand, if you have decided not to use this feature in your car because of these very safety reasons, it does not mean that other motorists have made the same decision. As such, it is important that you always drive vigilantly and remain extra careful of how other motorists are driving on the road that you are sharing.

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