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Your deposition is a critical step in your case.  It is the first chance you will get to testify about your case.  Depositions usually happen at the offices of an attorney for one of the parties in the case.  The attorney for the other side will ask about your injuries, the incident, and information about your history and background, including your family. The questions and answers will be written down verbatim by the court reporter, and a transcript of the proceeding will be will be available to attorneys for both sides and to representatives of the insurance company.  Portions of the transcript may be used at the trial.

Do I have to have my deposition taken?

Yes.  When you file a lawsuit, the other side has a right to require you to be deposed.

Does the person or persons who caused my injuries need to be deposed?

This is a strategic question to be decided by your Orange County personal injury lawyer. If your lawyer believes it is necessary, he or she will schedule a deposition of the defendant or defendants.

Why are depositions important?

  • The opposing attorney and/or insurance company use depositions to evaluate the likelihood of your success at trial. If they believe you to be a credible and sympathetic witness, settlement becomes more likely.
  • The deposition gives you a chance to practice testifying outside of the intimidating atmosphere of a courtroom.
  • Your deposition testimony can be used against you if it is not consistent with your testimony at trial.

Because so much is on the line at a deposition, it is critical to have an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer to help you prepare and make sure your rights are respected.  Call Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas today to schedule your free consultation.