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California pedestrian accident lawyer Samer Habbas makes client education a focus of his law practice, and dispelling myths about the law is a big part of his efforts. When we hear of a pedestrian accident, we usually assume that driver negligence such as running a red light or speeding caused it. But he and other Southern California pedestrian accident attorneys know that while we can blame most pedestrian accidents on negligent drivers, pedestrians acting negligently or both parties being negligent also cause a fair percentage of accidents.

padestrian accident attorneyFor example, if a pedestrian is wearing dark clothing at night and crosses the street in the middle of a block, he or she could be found at fault or partly at fault if a vehicle strikes him or her. A jury could decide that because the pedestrian decided to cross where there was no crosswalk, was difficult to see and did not look in both directions, he or she could be at least partly responsible for causing his or her own injuries. In pedestrian accidents, there are many variables taken into consideration. Was the driver speeding and/or drinking? Was the pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Did the vehicle involved in the accident have bad brakes or a missing headlight? Was the pedestrian crossing the street outside a marked crosswalk?

All of these factors and countless more are taken into consideration in pedestrian accident cases and no two cases are exactly alike. This is one of the many reasons why people choose to contact an experienced Anaheim pedestrian accident lawyer such as Mr. Habbas. He can explain the laws that apply, answer questions and provide a legal professional’s perspective on your situation. If you’ve been hurt or a family member has been killed in a pedestrian accident, call Mr. Habbas today at 888.848.5084 to schedule a free consultation.

Resource link: Determining Fault in California Pedestrian Laws