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car accident attorneyGetting into an accident is bad enough – but getting involved in an accident that involves multiple vehicles can be even more stressful. Unfortunately, multiple motor vehicle accidents rarely end well. One party always ends up hurt or even worse.

One of the most difficult aspects of a multiple car accident is determining who is at fault. In most states, laws and rules have been enacted to determine who is at fault. However, the bottom line in determining fault in these types of accidents is who caused the pile up in the first place.

Which Party Caused the Accident?

Determining who is at fault in an accident that involves multiple parties is important. In most cases, fault lies with the person in the rear of the accident. In these situations, one motorist runs into the back of another one, and that individual’s car is then forced forward into the vehicle in front of them. Because the motorist who caused the chain reaction is at fault, they would generally be charged with the entire accident.

Dividing Fault Between Different Parties

In some situations and some states, especially those states that utilize Personal Injury Protection, fault can be apportioned or divided between two or more of the motorists involved in the accident. In these cases, the amount of fault placed on each motorist is generally determined by the police officer who prepares the report of the accident or by the insurance carriers when negotiating for an optimum solution.

For instance, one party may be deemed 30% at fault, while another motorist takes the remaining 70% of the blame. In such situations, it is possible for several drivers to share in the fault, causing all of the parties involved in the accident to share some of the responsibility.

Challenging the Decision

If you were involved in an accident that involves multiple cars and either the police report or another insurance carrier is placing you partially at fault, you have the right to challenge this decision. In these cases, it is imperative to hire an experienced Orange County car accident attorney to help you prove your valid point in an attempt to pass the blame on to the parties who should actually be placed at fault for causing the accident.

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