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Personal injury attorneyAs an Orange County personal injury attorney will explain, insurance companies generally give greater credibility to the tangible evidence of your injuries than they do to your first-hand accounts about the pain and inconvenience that resulted from your injury.

Thus, you are much more likely to receive compensation for what you can document, such as medical bills and evidence of lost wages. Conversely, the harder it is to put a dollar amount on any particular consequence of your injury, the more reluctant the insurance company will be to compensate you for it.

Therefore, in order to get the best possible settlement for your personal injury claim, you will need to document as much objective evidence of your injury and tangible costs associated with your injury as possible.

Consider two hypothetical personal injury claimants with similar injuries. Claimant A immediately went to a doctor after his accident and received a formal referral for physical therapy. After six weeks of therapy, and two weeks of rest, he has mostly recovered from his injuries. All in all, he has incurred about $2,500 in assorted medical expenses and lost $1,800 as a result of missing work for two weeks. After six months, he can barely feel any ill effects from his old injury.

Claimant B went to the emergency room and was given a verbal recommendation to see a specialist. Instead of listening to this recommendation, he visited a chiropractor and missed work only two days. However, his lack of proper treatment resulted in the injury being slow to heal, and he is often in too much pain to engage in leisure activity or even interact meaningfully with his family. All in all, he has incurred only $500 in medical bills and lost only $300 in wages. Yet his suffering persists, and he has family and friends write letters attesting to the terrible pain that he is obviously in. In our experience, a case like Claimant A’s will likely result in a settlement upwards of $12,000, while Claimant B would be lucky to walk away with $5,000.

Have you been injured? Are you sure you are taking the best steps towards receiving a reasonable settlement from the insurance company. Often, the wisest course of action is to speak with an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney. Call Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today for a free consultation.