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A recent Southern California dog bite accident shows just how dangerous canine pets can be when owners do not take proper care of them and prevent them from exhibiting aggressive behavior toward those who encounter them.

Dog BitesA December 23 report shows that a young girl in Riverside sustained injuries when a bulldog mix bit her in the face. The dog is one of two in a local home. Officials indicated the animals also bit an adult during the same incident. Reports suggest the animals in question were not fixed and that hormonal changes may have been partially responsible for the incident. In addition, the dogs allegedly lacked current vaccinations and do not have the proper licenses.

KTLA News in Los Angeles reported that the two dogs have been euthanized since the incident. Dog bite cases like this show that serious injuries can result when dangerous dogs come in contact with visitors to a home or other individuals who are not accustomed to their aggressive behaviors.

Dog bites can be traumatic, and medical treatment can be costly, possibly involving extensive cosmetic surgery necessary to correct visual damage. Victims of dog bites in Southern California may rely on professional legal assistance to pursue the compensation they need to cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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