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Personal injury lawyerEarlier this week, a Los Angeles court threw out a 2007 multimillion-dollar verdict in a Dole Food Company product liability case. The case involved six Nicaraguan men who claimed they are sterile from exposure to pesticides. These men alleged to have worked on a Dole banana farm back in the 1970s in Nicaragua.

The U.S. stopped using the pesticide in question, DBCP (dibromochloropropane), during the 1970s. Workers claimed that Nicaraguan banana farms continued to use DBCP. Nicaraguan citizens who have claimed they sustained countless injuries due to Dole’s chemical use were banking on a successful settlement.

This verdict is a tremendous victory for Dole Food Co. Los Angeles Judge Chaney cited there was no evidence proving who actually worked on a banana farm and whether the workers that did during that time had exposure to the chemical. Thousands of Nicaraguan workers have claimed injury from pesticide exposure.

Additionally, the court dismissed two other cases in question due to fraud. It seems that both Nicaraguan and American personal injury attorneys may have altered medical exams and tried to hire phony banana farm employees. Of the six men in this case, one helped commit fraud, and two others never worked on a banana farm. The others had no supporting evidence of working on the farms.

The Los Angeles defective product attorneys at The Law Offices of Samer Habbas have been following this case closely. We have many clients who have experienced injury due to exposure to toxic chemicals at their workplaces. We have also found that a case like this in the news helps people who have been truly impaired to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. If you believe you are a victim of toxic chemicals, call us today at 888.848.5084 to discuss your case.