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A disturbing story from KTLA in Orange County shows that not all auto accidents have to do with car collisions.

Auto AccidentAccording to recent reports, an incident on August 26 involved an elderly couple who came to a stop in their vehicle when encountering a red light at the intersection of Cordova Avenue and Monterey Road. Another motorist who had been previously trying to cut off the couple’s car left his own vehicle, crawled into theirs through the sunroof and began attacking them. The victim started to drive the car, and the enraged assailant had to exit the vehicle, but allegedly tore off the mirror of the car as it moved away from the scene. According to Glendale police, the violent driver is still at large in the area.

This and other recent road rage cases including an Orange County stabbing show that auto incidents can include more than just two vehicles colliding. Road rage produces copious numbers of accidents in Orange County and around California. When road rage goes too far and you become a victim, you need a car accident attorney on your side.

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